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South Bali, Indonesia

South Bali, Indonesia

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South Bali Indonesia

The southern part of Bali, although generally chaotic and too touristy, has the best beaches on the island and several interesting sightseeing tours, so if you travel to this destination, I recommend you spend at least three full days there. If Bali is too crowded, the area of ​​Kuta and surroundings takes the palm: it was there where the first travelers came in search of surf and they also found a paradise to export. But in spite of the noise and that the Balinese culture is not as present as in other areas, Kuta and surroundings can also be enjoyed. Legian street is nice, ideal to buy souvenirs or a dress haggling with the locals; The beach is very suitable for surfing and the best to see it, as it is full of surfers at all hours !; And the sunset is an event that you can not miss. The locals flock to the beach in packs, many of whom want to take photos with you, play football or simply bathe; And spontaneous bars are set up with fresh beers and boxes as local bar. There are beautiful sunsets that are harmless. Of course, the life of local people is shorter than in other parts of the island, or at least not so integrated, so forget to find a nice market or a temple in every corner.
Recommended airport
Bali Ngurah Rai (DPS)
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  • Legian, Bali a 5.62 km
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