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Day 1: Athens - Amman 

Meet at the airport and fly to Amman, the capital of Jordan, a megalopolis of the Middle East with strong signs of its history dating back to biblical times. It is a city that is full of life, full of colours, sounds and contrasts. Arrival, transfer and check-in at our hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 2: Amman (city tour) - Gerasa - Aljoun Castle - Amman 

This morning we will tour the most important sights of Amman: the Ancient Roman Theatre (seating 6,000 spectators), the Archaeological Museum, which houses artefacts from all eras, and the Hellenistic Acropolis, built on Al Qala, the highest hill in the city with a panoramic view, which once housed the colossal 10 m high statue of Hercules. It is one of the few historical sites of its kind, being a place of continuous settlement from the Chalcolithic period to modern times. Walking around we will see ruins from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, buildings of the early Islamic dynasties, as well as underground spaces from the prehistoric period. After getting to know the historical cradle of the city, we will exit Amman and head north. There the landscape changes, becoming greener and more welcoming. We will proceed towards Jerash, the "Antioch on the Golden River", discovered in 1806 buried under the sand. Its wealth was so great that it was called the "Pompeii of the Middle East".There we will be guided to the archaeological site that hosts two theatres, the temples of Artemis and Zeus, the Arch of Hadrian, the emblematic oval square, the Nymphaeum and the main street "cardo maximus", with its decorative colonnades, the "tetrapyla", the niches and the magnificent Roman pavement. We continue for a first acquaintance with the castles of Jordan. We come to Aljun Castle, a little north of Gerasa, a 12th century castle. Overnight in Amman.

Day 3: Amman - Mandaba - Mount Nebo - Bethany - Petra 

Morning departure for Madaba, the most important Christian center of Jordan with the Orthodox Church of St. George with its unique mosaic floor. Here the first map of the Holy Land is preserved, made with countless mosaics and artistic care in the middle of the 6th century AD. On the mosaic, we can distinguish, written in Greek, all the holy shrines located in the territory of Jordan, the Holy Land and Egypt. The city of Madaba itself is known to this day for its craftsmen who are engaged in the manufacture of mosaics. Our next stop is Mount Nebo, the place where Moses stood and looked out over the Holy Land and the Dead Sea. We will visit the Franciscan church where Moses' tomb is believed to be located. But this is no ordinary church: a special blend of architecture that showcases the ruins and mosaics of an early Christian basilica and a modern inlaid structure that serves today's worship needs.From the church's precinct, we will have the opportunity to gaze at the spectacular view of the Jordan Valley, the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. Our next stop is Bethany, across the Jordan River, an important religious site for Christians, as it was there that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. In the desert landscape of the Jordan Valley, we will walk along a specially designed path to reach the riverbed where a Greek Orthodox church is located. We will stand just a few meters away from the corresponding baptismal site located in Israel, directly opposite us. We begin a beautiful drive south, heading to Petra, which is the most impressive archaeological site in the Middle East after the pyramids of Egypt. Since 1985, the "pink city of the desert" has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Arrival and check-in at our hotel. Overnight stay.

4th day: Petra - Little Petra - Wadi Ram

In Petra, the Nabataeans achieved the impossible: they turned a deserted place into a rich metropolis of 30,000 inhabitants. Impressive buildings and temples, a theatre and magnificent funerary monuments adorn this natural fortress, nestled in a well-protected basin surrounded by mountains and with the only access route being a gorge. Occupying an important position on the spice route, it was a stopping place for caravans on their way from Damascus to Aqaba. Our visit to this unreal place will literally shock us!!! As the canyon leads us to the imposing Treasury we realize that everything we have heard about this place pales in comparison to everyone's personal experience! We will then walk along the street of the facades, the Royal Tombs, the theatre, the basilica and the Byzantine Cathedral as well as the Roman side of the Petra, with its columns, the mosque, the temple of the winged lion and the temple of the Pharaoh's Daughter.We continue on to Al Beidha or, as it is better known, "Little Stone". We will enter the area through a narrow gorge called Siq Al-Barid. Its name means "cold" and refers to the cool conditions there, as the high walls prevent sunlight from entering the canyon and heating it. Little Stone is considered an important suburb of Petra, for the trade routes to the north. As in Petra, the buildings are impressive. We will see warehouses and tombs, water channels and cisterns. In some buildings you can find the remains of coloured frescoes of birds, grapes and flowers, dating back to the 1st century AD. Mikri Petra is a continuation, not negligible, of the central state of the Nabataeans. Another beautiful gorge with numerous carved entrances and monumental structures, with cisterns, unique frescoes and wonderful rocky landscapes. It is an essential passage and a necessary complement that is part of the same rocky complex of Petra. Then we will head to the Wadi Ram Desert. The triumph of nature, which like a surrealist sculptor has Petra Petra Petra created this panorama, captivates the visitor, just as it enchanted Lawrence of Arabia. This is how the Bedouins lived in seclusion in large black or brown tents made of goat's wool. Arrival and settling in specially arranged very nice tents, traditional dinner and overnight under the magnificent starry desert sky.

Day 5: Wadi Ram (4x4) - Aqaba 

Today a unique experience awaits us: our visit in specially adapted 4x4 vehicles with a trolley through the Wadi Ram Desert, the "Valley of the Moon", with its colorful sand and granite mountains carved by the hot sun and the cold air. Our next destination is Aqaba, a South Jordanian seaside resort in the cove of the Red Sea bay of the same name. It is known for its sandy beaches and luxury hotels and attracts many tourists. Ideal for water sports, relaxation and carefree holidays. Enjoy the Gulf of Aqaba or Gulf of Eilat, at the northern end of the Red Sea, it is 150 km long, 20 km wide and 1,828 m deep. Check-in at the hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 6: Akaba - Dead Sea 

Morning departure for the Dead Sea, which is shared between Jordan and Israel and is 423 meters below sea level - the lowest point on the surface of the Earth. It is one of the most striking phenomena on the planet: three million years ago, a small geological disturbance occurred in the Jordan Valley, a rift. Within it, seawater flowed and collected, forming a large continental lake. With the salinity of the water being about ten times that of the sea, no form of life can survive in its water and no object can sink into its mysterious depths, hence its name, the Dead Sea. The landscape of this deep sea alone captivates us. All around us dry mountains, warm atmosphere, while the human activity Little Stone Wadi Ram Wadi Ram Akaba focuses on tourism but also on the exploitation of the salt lake's minerals. The Dead Sea, as a geographical destination, is one of the few places on the planet with so many natural features. Arrival and check-in at our hotel. You will have the opportunity to swim and experience the healing properties that make the skin feel beautiful. See in the evening the lights from the cities of Israel that are a few kilometers away from us, behind the hills is Jerusalem. Overnight.

Day 7: Dead Sea (free day) 

Free day to enjoy this superb spectacle called the Dead Sea, and gaze at the horizon with a thousand and one thoughts about the how and why of this incomparable place. An ideal opportunity to give yourself a gift and indulge in the care of the experts at our hotel spa facilities. Relax in the steam baths, Jacuzzis and specially designed pools and enjoy massages with tropical aromas. Overnight in the Dead Sea. 

Day 8: Dead Sea - Amman - Athens 

Morning departure to Amman airport for your return flight. Arrival on the same day.

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