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The history of Hungary begins with the migration of the Magyar tribes, around the year 896. Due to the attacks of the Bulgarians, they moved to the Danube plains and founded the first settlement in Óbuda and on the island of Csepel (where today's Budapest is located). The Magyars have a reputation as relentless warriors and sacked cities from Spain to Italy. In 955, the Magyars were defeated by Otto and their Christianization began. The city of Pest was first mentioned in 1061, and between 1242 and 1244 the Castle of Buda was built by King Béla IV, which began the settlement of the region. Around 1800, Buda had about 24,000 inhabitants, while Pest had about 30,000. In 1873, the 3 cities of Pest, Buda and Obuda merged and the new city, Budapest, reached a population of about 300,000. The late 19th century and early 20th century is a time of prosperity and growth for Budapest, but after the First and Second World Wars, when Hungary chose the side of the Germans, Budapest began to decline and lost much of its glory. However, since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the city has begun to recover and regained its past glory.

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Day 1: Bratislava, Prague

Day 2: Prague

Day 3: Prague, Dresden

Day 4: Dresden, Budapest

Day 5: Budapest

Day 6: Budapest, Vienna

Day 7: Vienna

Day 8: Vienna, Bratislava

  • Ryanair flights: one 10Kg. baggage with wheels (55x40x20 cm.) and one small personal hand luggage 5Kg. (40x20x25 cm.).
  • Airport taxes, fuel surcharges: 165€ per person.
  • Breakfast daily on site.
  • Seven (7) nights at the hotels listed in our detailed price list.
  • Prague.
  • Budapest: Leonardo Hotel 4*
  • Vienna: Leonardo Hotel Vienna Schönbrunn 3*
  • Tours according to the detailed programme.
  • Official guide / escort of our office.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Accommodation fees.
  • Optional excursion to Dresden: Adults: 50€ per person & children 2-12 years old: 35€.
  • Admission to museums, castles, shows, archaeological sites and generally where required.
  • Everything not mentioned in the programme or listed as optional or suggested.
  • Special insurance cover for trip cancellation due to illness COVID19: 15€. Ask for more detailed information.
Possible accommodations
3 accommodations
General Information

Notes: The guided tours, excursions, tours are indicative and the order in which they will take place can be changed without skipping any tour.

Note: Not included is the cost of headset rental for tours where headset rental is required unless otherwise stated.

Special Covid-19 insurance: 15€. Ask for more detailed information. 

Useful Information and Remarks :

  • Before you leave, make sure you get all the necessary information about your trip from the salesperson who served you.
  • Do not forget before leaving your home, to check that you have taken with you , all the necessary documents for your trip ( passport / identity card , vaccination certificates , excursion information etc. )
  • We suggest you choose according to your needs and calculate that the closer to the center the hotel is located the more expensive it is . You should therefore calculate the cost of travel if you will have to travel outside the tour program
  • You can make purchases and payments with Mastercard and Visa cards. For bank commissions consult your bank.
  • Travel time from city to city is always relative and depends on weather conditions ,road traffic and border delays 
  • In the hotels suggested with satellites, the price refers to both.
  • In case a hotel does not gather the necessary reservations ,a comparable hotel is suggested, so that people can be concentrated in one or two and to facilitate the execution of the program of tours - tours
  • The optional activities are not compulsory and are just a suggestion and you are not obliged to participate. A minimum number of participants is required to carry them out.
  • There will be compulsory stops (based on relevant legislation on drivers' timetables) at regular intervals (approximately every 2 and a half hours) for coffee, food and toilet facilities. The stops will be at the border and at shops on the road. Unfortunately their quality is not always the best. In many places 50 minutes are requested from the cleaners in the toilets.
  • For health reasons, it is not allowed to use the toilet on the bus, as it cannot be disinfected during the journey and is a source of infection.
  • Tourists must adapt to the health rules of the country we are visiting and carry the required documents. The office operates on an advisory basis only.
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