New York with Washington - Philadelphia - Baltimore, 10 days
Price per person from 2.615 €

New York with Washington - Philadelphia - Baltimore, 10 days

2.615 €
Price per person
2.615 €
price per person
New York with Washington - Philadelphia - Baltimore, 10 days

NEW YORK through the eyes of Caravel Travel. Combine museum excursions with delightful walks, try burgers and delicious cupcakes, see musicals and enjoy jazz nights, fly a helicopter over Manhattan, take a cruise to Elis Island and live the American Dream!

New York is a great center of information, culture, food, art, research. World-class museums, famous art galleries, the cream of the crop of theater and cinema, a center of economy, trade and international financial markets not only for the USA, but for the entire planet. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and powerful cities in the world.

Everyone will agree that traveling to New York is an experience! Whatever you may have heard, New York is a city that leaves something different for everyone. Anyone who has visited, even once, the "symbolic city" of the American dream, can confidently claim that there is no other place in the world that compares to it. Borderline contradictory and contradictory, the New York of excess, innovation and temptation is a racial melting pot that never sleeps and is - according to its residents - an attitude and a way of life. Vertiginous rhythms of everyday life, panspermia of ethnicities and social groups, infinite suggestions of fun and entertainment, countless museums, diverse markets and an incredible creative orgasm at all levels of cultural and professional life, compose the identity of a highly dynamic city, which leaves no one behind to hurt

It is therefore worth visiting to get your own image of the city and to create your own memories, which will follow you for a lifetime!


Day 1: New York City NY

Day 2: New York City NY

Day 3: New York City NY

Day 4: New York City NY

Day 5: New York City NY

Day 6: New York City NY, Boston MA, New York City NY

Day 7: New York City NY, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC

Day 8: Washington DC

Day 9: Washington DC, Baltimore MD, New York City NY

Day 10: New York City NY

  • DIRECT flight tickets with Emirates to New York
  • Two (2) bags per person
  • Airport taxes and surcharges - Visa Waiver Program (ESTA) and application fees, Special individual travel insurance Covid-19 (total: €625)
  • Accommodation at the Central Hotel at the Marriott Marquis 4*sup Above Times Square & Hilton Washington 4* without breakfast.
  • Local hotel taxes (City taxes)
  • Three multi-dimensional guided tours with experienced and specialized Greek-speaking guides
  • Greek Speaking Coach Tour in Northern Manhattan
  • Greek Speaking Coach Tour in South Manhattan
  • GIFT: Cruise with photograph the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, etc.
  • Walk to Chelsea Market and Brooklyn Bridge
  • Experienced Greek-speaking leader-guide every day
  • Washington DC tour
  • Visit to Philadelphia and Baltimore
  • Transfer to and from the airport/hotel in America
  • Gift 10% discount at Macy's department stores
  • Experienced Greek speaking leader/guide
  • One piece of luggage per person at the hotel
  • travel folder with useful information
  • Liability insurance
  • Possibility of flights from Thessaloniki/Crete/Cyprus*
  • Local Taxes - Freight - Gratuities (NOT Guides/Leaders) mandatory $50, payable on arrival on first day
  • Anything not listed in the included items
Possible accommodations
2 accommodations
  1. All prices are per person in Euros and have been calculated as of 01/15/2023 based on the current equivalent/prices of air fares and hotels. The airlines and hotels listed are the usual partners and are finalized 16 days before departure.
  2. Breakfast in the US is not included in the room rate
  3. The child price is calculated on the double bed price and is valid for ages 2-12 in the same room as 2 adults.
  4. TAXES/INSURANCE/ESTA/ETA: Cost includes airport taxes, fuel surcharge, local accommodation taxes, special Covid-19 travel insurance & ESTA fee amount.
  5. The SMART PRICE discount is valid for early bookings made for the first 7 or 10 people.
  6. TIPS: The cost includes transportation and gratuities per passenger and are mandatory. They cover Hotel transfers, driver gratuities etc. and entrances where mentioned in the detailed programs. They do NOT cover Leader/Guide gratuity.
  7. For Greek passports to enter the USA & Canada, ESTA & eTA approval respectively (Visa Waiver Program) is necessary. If you have traveled to SYRIA, IRAQ, IRAN, SUDAN, LIBYA, SOMALIA, YEMEN & NORTH KOREA after March 1, 2011 you will need a US Visa. If a traveler is found to have visited a country designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism (such as Cuba), the traveler is no longer eligible to participate in the ESTA Visa Program and must apply for a visa to enter the United States.
  8. The flow of the program can be changed if this is deemed necessary for its best outcome, without omissions.
  9. Pre-seating in groups is not always guaranteed and on most airlines you will be charged a floating fee. Do it after ticketing or at check-in.
  10. On transatlantic flights, the first piece of luggage per person (up to 23 kg) is free. With EMIRATES 2 pieces of luggage for free. If the group is less than 10 people, you are only entitled to one piece of luggage. On domestic flights there is a charge from the first piece of luggage and it is calculated per route at $30-35 11. In the USA and Canada the 3-bed/4-bed room consists of two double beds.
  11. 11/3 & 25/3 the hotel in New York is the Martinique New York On Broadway 4*

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